Home Again ...

Home again, Jiggity Jig.

This weekend we traveled up north to visit with Aaron's family.  I snagged a hotel room for the weekend and we had plans to leave a day early to get some shopping in.  After our real estate appointment in Waterville - (Gorgeous house, just wish it were a bit bigger, as it's hard to downsize from 2280 sq. ft.) - and some lunch, we hopped on 23 North for our trip.  Over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother's house we go.

Our unseasonably warm trip, 60* in December was also quite windy, and my little Honda didn't like the pressure.  With just a few more miles to go, I commented to my co-pilot that I was having trouble maintaining my lane.  I just thought it was windy and he told me to back it down.  So I merged to the right and took my exit over to the hotel.  

We checked in and settled down and decided to go shopping for the night.  However, we were greeted by a flat tire in the parking lot.  The sun had gone down and it had started to rain, and I was not in a pleasant mood.  I went in and called AAA, but there was no answer after holding for 10 minutes.  Aaron changed the tire and put the donut on, and we went shopping and out to dinner.  

The next day, we went up to Gramma's.  Uncle David went to patch the tire, but the tire was shot.  He took Aaron to Sear's - the ONLY place that was open on a SUNDAY, and purchased a new tire.  Thank you, Linda and David for the new tire - We appreciate your generosity.

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