Spring Break

I'm on break this week. Most kids are going away - Cancun, the Bahamas, etc. I'm at home, in NW Ohio, supposed to be catching up on school work, but playing housekeeper instead.

A and I cleaned out both livings rooms last night, in the middle of a storm system that was creating tornados. Ran the sweeper 10 million times between last night and this morning. The carpets and furniture will be cleaned today. Hoping to paint both living rooms by the end of the week. Maybe write some lesson plans and an ethnography paper too.


Updated to add: The painting of the house will have to wait to summer. The walls have been stark white for six years, what's another couple of months?! Instead, I'll be doing this for the rest of the week:
  • watch three movies, then write 10 pg. ethnography paper (in progress)
  • 3 online discussions (2/3)
  • write out my teaching philosophy (in progress)
  • film and upload my teaching philosophy
  • rate a website for tech. class (done)
  • cognitive lesson plan (done)
  • socio-emotional lesson plan (in progress)
  • execute and reflect on lesson plans
  • create, execute and reflect on prop box
  • write a lesson plan for a different class (out of my hands, onto another group member)
  • sub. on saturday
  • host shower on sunday
  • return to school on monday

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  1. If it makes you feel better...I'm having the same kind of spring break :) Cleaning and painting...