Friday & Saturday Only

I'm having a Garage Sale this weekend. Lot's of big items that I hope to sell. I have a bunch of furniture, some kitchen stuff - glasses and dishes, place mats, decorative pillows, etc. I'm also going to bake a little tonight so I have cupcakes and lemonade to sell. Hoping to make some cash. I originally wanted to sell all of our kitchen dishes and buy a nice, beautiful white set but ... for now, I'm going to save whatever I make and put it towards our trip to France next summer!

Our friends, James and Adeline are getting married twice next year!! Here in the States in April and then in France in July. We're so excited to have such great friends and this travel opportunity. I've never traveled outside of the US before, so this sure will be a treat.

If you've traveled to France/Europe before, please share in the comments. I'm anxious to know where to go, what to see and do.

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