Happy [4 Month] Birthday

Dear Bebe Ellie,

So much has changed for you in this past month, but please know this - it is not your fault. On July 25 you came to live with Uncle Aaron and myself. We welcomed you with hugs and kisses, but also tears - tears because we were uncertain of what was to come.

On the morning of July 25, Poppy and Aunt Ashley were watching you while Mom and Gigi were at work. They witnessed you rolling over twice in one day! It was quite an amazing feat. On Sunday morning, here at our house, you rolled over again while waking up. By now you're a professional at rolling from your tummy to your back.

The first week you slept like a champ in the Pack-n-Play in our bedroom. The second week we set up a nursery for you and moved you into there. On any given night, you'll sleep 6 to 8 hours, which is such a blessing in itself. But you'll get up, grab a clean diaper and a 4 ounce snack and go right back to bed for another 4 hours! You're such a sweet, little angel.

Your room is a sunny shade of yellow. It's so bright during the day that we had to get you a room-darkening shade, but you really don't seem to mind either way. Years ago, I bought an adorable rug for our "future" nursery. It's from Pottery Barn and it's got adorable jungle animals on it - elephants, giraffes, lions, cheetahs, and a crocodile. I'm so glad it's finally getting some use. You sleep in a solid oak crib and the sheets and mobile match the rug. I freshened up the paint for you and added beautiful green glass knobs. There's an old bookcase in there too and a rocking chair that Gigi bought for babies to be rocked in.

You've grown so much since your last visit to Dr. Uribes. On August 18, you clocked in at 25.25 inches, 14 pounds and 14.5 ounces. You are very tall, between the 50-75% for your age. Your dark hair is falling out and blonde fuzz is coming in now. You like to play with your hair when you get tired or when eating. On August 21, you had 5 shots at the Health Department! You were a very good girl in the waiting room but did not enjoy being on the examination table. I'd never taken a baby for shots before and laid you down the wrong way, twice! The first "shot" was an oral solution and I think you hated that more than the shots in your legs. You were very cuddly for the rest of the weekend.

You also started cereal after your visit to the doctor. You're not too fond of it and can't quite figure out what to do with it once it is in your mouth. We tried it for a week without much luck, but we'll try it again soon, hopefully with better results. Gigi and I got excited about feeding you real foods so we bought a lot of produce and pureed it for the future! I sure hope you're a good eater.

You're such a good girl. I love getting up with you in the mornings because you always wake up happy with lots of gummy smiles. I'm sure it won't be long before a tooth breaks through. You enjoy chewing and chomping on everything and rival our dog Casey in the drooling department.

Ellie, we're so glad you're here with us. You filled us with love and laughter and made our house a home.

Lots of love,

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