New High Chair

Aaron watched Bebe Ellie while I headed out towards Toledo with our old pack-n-play that I had bought at a garage sale. Babies R Us was having a trade-in event and I got 20% off towards our new Graco high chair.

We tried cereal again tonight, but not in the new chair as it was still in the box. It was a hit! Ellie was like a baby bird, eagerly anticipating every new bite. She ate TWO servings of cereal and then polished off her 6 ounce bottle. She finally fell asleep around 9:00 tonight. We'll have to wait and see how she makes it through the night.

:: Edited to Add :: Ellie only slept till 4 am. We need to find better diapers or something. It was completely full and leaking onto her white onesie.

Graco Wooden High Chair in Cherry Vanilla from BRU.

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