21 Weeks

Baby is now the size of a banana!

Week :: 21
Size of baby :: 10.5 inches, from head to toe. (Baby is about 1 pound according to the sonogram!)
Weight Gain/Loss :: -2.5 lbs. total
Maternity Clothes :: All dress clothes
Sex :: KNOWN
Movement :: Baby is a mover and a shaker! I sat for four hours straight during Conferences on Tuesday and Baby was not a happy camper - bam, bam, bam.
Sleep :: Waking once a three to four times a night. I'm very uncomfortable at night and need to get up often to use the restroom.
Symptoms :: This was a horribly long week for me at school because of Parent-Teacher Conferences at night. I've had a lot of lower back pain (sciatic nerve) and leg cramps.
Food Aversions :: Breakfast sounds horrible so early in the morning.
Food Cravings :: Salad or carrots with GOOD ranch dressing and coconut shrimp! LOTS of green peppers with oil and vinegar on my sandwiches!
Best Moment of this Week :: I shared a poem with my students at school - Mrs. W is having a baby! Boy or Girl? Pink or blue? She will find out on October Twenty-two. They got to predict if the baby was a boy or a girl and they also suggested names for the baby!
Looking Forward To :: Picking Aaron up from the airport on Sunday. He left after our sonogram on Friday. We haven't shared the news with our families or friends yet. I can't wait to go shopping!

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