Week 30

Week :: 30
Weight Gain/Loss :: +4.0 pounds, but still under 1.0
Maternity Clothes :: All dress clothes
Sex :: KNOWN - boy
Movement :: I believe that Baby has been having hiccups for a while now and I just didn't know what they were!
Sleep :: Waking every 2 hours to use the restroom.
Symptoms :: Cramping and Braxton Hicks contractions.
Food Aversions :: Still no appetite, but I'm actually hungry!
Food Cravings :: Caesar salad and warm bread from Carrabbas.
Best Moment of this Week :: Going to the Lights Before Christmas at the Zoo with Ellie and the family.
Looking Forward To :: Christmas Eve with family, Christmas Day by ourselves, and then heading up North to spend time with Aaron's family on Sunday - our last "trip" away from home before the Baby comes.

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