Week 34

Week :: 34
Total Weight Gain/Loss :: +3.5 lbs.
Maternity Clothes :: All clothes
Sex :: KNOWN - boy
Movement :: Baby has dropped. Lots of movement and pressure. Braxton Hicks contractions, possibly.
Sleep :: Waking every 2 hours to use the restroom.
Symptoms :: Feeling like my insides are going to burst. Pure exhaustion.
Food Aversions :: Still no appetite, no cravings.
Food Cravings :: Good pizza, not crappy Pizza Hut, etc. Real NY style pizza - dripping with cheese and grease. YUM
Best Moment of this Week :: Watching movies with Ellie on my lap. She puts her arm around my belly and holds the baby.
Looking Forward To :: Holding baby in my arms, picking a name for him, and introducing him to big sister Ellie.

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  1. Ok. Now I'm hungry for cheese. And pizza. And I feel your pain on the waking every two hours thing. I hit 30 weeks and instantly got exhausted too. :)