Week 35

Week :: 35
Total Weight Gain/Loss :: +3.5 lbs.
Maternity Clothes :: All clothes
Sex :: KNOWN - boy
Movement :: Baby has dropped. Lots of movement and pelvic pressure with lower back pain.
Sleep :: Waking every 2 hours to use the restroom.
Symptoms :: This week started out with a cold, added some flu-like symptoms and now I feel like I've got bronchitis. The doctor's office was closed when I called in today. Will definitely call back next week if I'm not feeling better.
Food Aversions :: It's been mostly a liquid diet this week. Lots of gatorade, clear pop, jello and broth.
Food Cravings :: SONIC's flavored sodas with crushy ice, pomegranates, citrus fruit, apples with carmel dip.
Best Moment of this Week :: Buying a sleep bra - that sports bra from high school wasn't cutting it anymore!
Looking Forward To :: Holding baby in my arms, picking a name for him, and introducing him to big sister Ellie.

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