Week 38

Week :: 38
Total Weight Gain/Loss :: +8.5 lbs.
Maternity Clothes :: All clothes
Sex :: KNOWN - boy
Movement :: Baby has dropped. Lots of movement and pelvic pressure with lower back pain. Baby must have long legs, because the heartburn is back full force and his feet are lodged in my ribs, permanently.
Sleep :: Horrible! My joints ache and I have to constantly empty my bladder. Aaron and Ellie have been horrible snorers lately and keep me up most of the night.
Symptoms :: Numb hands when typing on the computer, numb arms when sleeping. Bones and joints creaking after resting for a while. 2 cm dilated and 60% effaced.
Food Aversions :: Almost everything - nothing sounds yummy and I'm not very hungry.
Food Cravings :: Chocolate and candy. I've had a horrible sweet tooth these last few weeks. Fried pickles as well!
Best Moment of this Week :: Ellie gives lots of love to Baby. She kisses my belly. She also rubs and gives "pat pats." She is so sweet and I'm sure she'll be an amazing, big sister.
Looking Forward To :: Holding baby in my arms, picking a name for him, and introducing him to big sister Ellie.

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