Summer List 2011 {update}

Meg inspired me to create my own summer list for our family. So last night I pulled a frame out of storage and found some scrapbook paper. Today I put it all together and wrote out what I hope to accomplish this summer.

We have completed the following summer tasks:
  • We had HOMEMADE ICE CREAM at the lake house for 4th of July
  • Wemade several trips to the ZOO
  • We watched FIREWORKS from Gigi & Poppy's front yard during the Chicken Festival
  • We've blown through lots of BUBBLES
  • We're working on POTTY TRAINING ELLIE
  • I've gotten several PEDICURES this summer
  • Aaron & I went to a MUD HEN'S GAME with his firm
  • We bought a BIG GIRL BED for Ellie
  • Gigi & I took the kids to the MOVIES to see Despicable Me at Skye Cinema's Family Movie Festival
  • We went to the IMAGINATION STATION for Ellie's 2nd birthday
  • We visited a NEW PARK when we met the Fry Family in Bowling Green for a PICNIC
  • We started CLOTH DIAPERING baby Grant
  • I bought Aaron a PICNIC TABLE for Father's Day
  • I've taken the kids to the LAKE twice this summer
  • The kids love to swim in the BABY POOL and Ellie loves to play in the WATER TABLE
  • We've loaded up the truck twice to go to the RECYCLING CENTER
  • We've gone out for several ICE CREAM TREATS
  • The kids love to go for FAMILY WALKS ((the fresh air helps both of them sleep better))
  • We've taken NINI out for ice cream and celebrated her 81st birthday together
  • I took Grant to PAINT POTTERY before they closed the studio for good
  • And we say our PRAYERS every night before bedtime

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