Camera Shy

Ellie has shown an interest in taking photos recently. She'll walk around the house with my metronome shouting, "Cheese!" Lately, we've given her expired film in disposable cameras. This new development has led to to fall victim to those who reside behind the camera. She no longer wants to pose for me and will literally run away. It is hard to snap a good photo (especially with the big camera) as it is difficult to focus on a moving object.

first bath together (yes, i now know why you're not supposed to use a bumb0 in the bathtub) no babies were harmed while photographing this event.

out of focus, but i love it

interrupting her brother's weekly photo

eating raspberries off the tip of her fingers

cheeseball nom.nom.nom


  1. She looks so grown up in the raspberry picture. What happens to a Bumbo in the tub? Does it float?

  2. Yes, the Bumbo floats! I've seen pics of other kids sitting in the tub in a Bumbo and thought I'd try it so I can reclaim showers for myself, but I wouldn't do it again. Both Aaron and I were in the bathroom supervising, but I still felt like a backseat driver ordering Aaron to protect Grant. He can sit unassisted on dry land so hopefully sitting in the bathtub will follow soon. The only time I get to myself is one hour at the grocery store every couple of weeks...and even then Aaron is texting, "When will you be home? Grant is hungry!"