Happy [5 month] Birthday!

Grant, you're 5 months old today. Slow down, Buddy! You're growing up so fast. You're wearing 9-12 month clothes and a size 3 diaper when in disposables. We've been cloth diapering full time, but every now and then you need to wear a 'sposie.'

You've started eating food this past month. I gave you rice cereal for a week and then we took a break for a week. You just didn't seem to get it. In the mean time, I read some articles and decided not to feed you rice cereal. At dinner one night, I gave you cantaloupe in the mesh feeder and you fell in LOVE! You've since eaten cantaloupe a few times, tried prunes, dark sweet cherries and whole wheat cereal with breast milk. You love to sit at the table (in the Bumbo chair) with us during dinner time.

Nursing you first thing in the morning and the last thing at night is my absolute favorite time of the day. I love to listen to you wake up happy and coo, over the monitor. You're so excited to see me and I'm excited to see your happy face, even if it is still dark out.

Sunday night, we brought home an exersaucer for you to play in. You're too big for the swing and you get bored/drown in drool on the activity mat. We also had dinner with Grandma Jo and her husband Bill. They bought a coloring book for Ellie and some 12 month clothes for you! Between your size and the bulkiness of cloth diapers, you no longer fit in 6-9 month clothes. We're taking bets on how big you'll be on your 1st birthday! :o)

You and Ellie are smitten with each other. She loves to help you play, and wants to cuddle with you, and she insists on giving you kissing before bed. She really loves you a lot...please remember that when you both are teenagers!

Love, Mama

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