Pink Milk

When Ellie had her 1 year well check, the doctor suggested adding flavored syrup to Ellie's milk in an effort to get her to drink it. My husband, who accompanied Ellie to the appointment, was all over that! An excuse to buy strawberry syrup! It worked, much to my dismay.

Ellie, now 2.5 years old, still requests "pink milk." Sometimes more than usual as she went through a bit of regression when Grant came along. Aaron is happy to oblige her requests, I'm more likely to give her a pink sippy cup with white milk.

Anyway, this morning Ellie asked for "pink milk." I repeated her request back to her hoping she would fill in the missing "please," at the end of her request. Instead, she said, "Okay, pink milk," like it was my idea all along. She's a smart one, that's for sure.

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