The Loveseat

Yesterday morning, I was sitting on the loveseat breastfeeding Grant for the second time that morning. Normally, I would call it a couch but on Monday it was a definitely a loveseat. Ellie had just gotten up and she was still in this half-dreamy state of mind. She crawled up next to us and wanted to say hi to Buddy. Then she asked me where her blankie was and went off to find it. She crawled back up and told us she was going to take a nap because Buddy was napping too. So she snuggled up and I played with her hair and she told me, "Thank you, Mama." It was a very sweet moment. She decided to climb back down and grab her baby and then sit with me to breastfeed her baby as well. In those few moments, I felt so much love for my children while sitting on the couch. It was definitely a magical morning, despite the rain and the interrupting phone call.

Ellie feeding her baby, totally unprompted. I ran to find the camera and asked her a bunch of questions. She ignored me. The Backyardigans and a hungry baby are way more important that Mama's silly questions.

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