2011 Chili Walk

Every year, my parents host a Chili Walk at the local metroparks. There are three cabins that are open for public use and we stake claim, build a fire and host a pot luck where you can enjoy a delicious bowl of chili and then walk it off on one of the many, beautiful trails. We can't remember exactly how long we've been hosting this tradition, but it is coming up on 20 years already! Now it is time to pass the torch. This year, I was in charge of invitations and I chose to go green. No paper invites were mailed this year. Instead we utilized the world wide web. Invites were sent via email and a Facebook event. Though very few people RSVP'd, we had a great turnout. There were around 40 adults and about a dozen children. We had a nice ratio of friends and family with plenty of yummy treats to enjoy. There was chili (of course!), beer bread and corn bread, cinnamon buns, mini cheesecakes, cupcakes, veggie tray, apple cider, pecan bars, and many, many more delicious treats!

I was so busy - we got there early to set up (though not as early as my parents, who got there at 7 am to reserve the space). Our family photos had gotten rained out the week before, so we did a mini shoot with our favorite photographer friend around noontime and then enjoyed the rest of the afternoon visiting with friends. My cousin Megan snapped these photos of Ellie playing at the park. (Apparently, other people that are not Ellie's mama or a professional are allowed to take pictures of Ellie.)

*photo by Poppy (my Dad)

*photo by Poppy (my Dad)

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