Checking In

I didn't have a 30 Days... post ready this morning. I'll try to get one up later today. My grandma Nini was transported to the hospital yesterday for pain management, but is back at the nursing home. I'm not even sure I posted that she was in a nursing home in the first place. Things have been very hectic and I'm running all over the place which isn't usual for me (we go out for a play date on Wednesday and to swim on Saturday, I try to save gas money when/where I can).

My MIL is going to be here at 10 and I need to get ready to go. She is going to watch the kids while I get Nini settled back into the nursing home and make sure they keep up on her medicine. She was in excruciating pain yesterday. She has made up her mind that she is ready to go and I hate that. I know it is not my decision, but I am not ready to say goodbye. If you read this, please say a prayer for her. I would sincerely appreciate it.

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