Getting some snuggles in with Grant before Ellie wakes up. We've been doing this breastfeeding thing for eight months now and it makes me so happy (minus the biting and short attention span).

Ellie is so ready for Trick or Treat. She's so serious about it she needs two baskets. One is really for Grant, I just didn't have the heart to tell her.

Pumpkin pancakes for dinner. It is supposed to be a jack-o-lanter. It's missing a stem and looks more like a snowman. Oh well, I thought they were tasty!

Grant has found out that electronics exist. He dives for my iPhone and gnaws on Aaron's cords. He likes to help his Daddy play games.

Car ride to the pool for swim lessons. My parents had my truck to take the dogs to the groomers so the kids were crammed into the back of the Civic. Grant got to ride forward facing to the pool (less than 5 miles away) and LOVED it.

Don't go calling CPS on me. Grant exceeds the requirements of the car seat and is technically able to FF even though he is only 8 months. Yes, I realize the AAP has upped the age to two years old for RF. He is back to RF in the truck and will remain that way until he's at least one. By then, he'll probably be big enough to ride up front.


Ellie looks so cute in her little piggy hat. It's from last year's Halloween costume. It barely fits her noggin. That means it probably won't fit Grant either. My mom is knitting some hats for the kids. She measured their heads - Grant 19" and Ellie 20"

life rearranged

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