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Aaron was out of town last Thursday and Friday. He came home with this bouquet. It was very nice of him - I don't remember the last time he came home with flowers, though I do believe he was suckered into buying a Halloween bouquet for full price!

Grant has figured out how to pull up on objects, such as pant legs and couches. Luckily he hasn't figured it out in his crib. Pretty soon his mattress will just be laying on the floor and I won't be able to reach him.

(Christmas) Pajama snuggles with Daddy after swim lessons on Saturday morning. The kids are almost finished with an eight-week session at the Rehab Center. Grant does really well. It is so cute when we do "Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall." He squints his eyes really hard and puffs his cheeks as he falls into the water. Ellie would rather play in the water and jump off the edge of the pool than follow directions. I think that has a lot to do with being two.

Grant is extremely mobile. I've found him trying escape the living room barricade several time through this rabbit hole under the end table. He isn't too happy about being cooped up.

Ellie has figured out how to open the doors and fridge/freezer. She wakes up and heads straight to the kitchen to help herself! Later in the day, she found a jar of Nutella in the pantry and dug is out by the fistful. Forget spoons!

Meemaw always said that boys who play with babies make the best dads. She was a pretty smart woman, so I hope she was right!

Play date with Sophia. It was a rainy day so we stayed in and watched movies. Grant even got in on the action.

I bought some bath dye at the Dollar General. Don't hate. It had Elmo on the package and Ellie thought it was the greatest thing! There are six tablets in a package so you can have six different primary-colored baths or mix two tablets together for three secondary-colored baths. We mixed red and yellow last night and got orange - we like to match the water to the foam letters and the baby.

I found Ellie coloring all by herself at the table. It was a nice change of pace after she dumped out a whole box of baby cereal.

life rearranged

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