TEETH! Grant's whole bottom jaw line is swollen, ready to burst with new teeth. He got six all at once back in August, so I wouldn't be a bit surprised if the rest come in all at the same time. Anyways, he has a spatula because he is bored of all his other toys. Spatulas are soft and rubbery. Pampered Chef should pay me to come up with new ways to market their products.

Buddy Bear falls asleep as soon as you buckle him in after swim lessons on Saturday mornings. He was so tired that he was slowing spit bubbles while snoring.

Ellie was super snuggly last weekend. She crawled up on the couch with me and watched a movie. Note: taking pictures while laying down is not flattering at all.

Over the weekend, Grant figured out how to crawl on all fours, not a belly slither anymore. He also figured out how to pull up to stand up by himself. He gnawed the crap out of his brand new crib. He also chipped a tooth. I think the two events might be related. Aaron bought some gummi stuff to protect the crib. Better late than never, I suppose!

Mom & I went out to dinner and then to the annual Lorie Line Holiday Extravaganza at the Fransican Center. The concert usually falls on or around my birthday. We've been going for 13+ years now. After the concert was over, we got a phone call at 10:00 pm that my Nini was in terrible pain. I stayed with her at the nursing home until midnight and my Mom took the shift from 12-5 am. We were able to calm her down, but the weekend was very, very hard. Physically and emotionally. We've been taking it one day at a time because some are good days and some are downright nasty.

Both of my kids are blankie kids. I can't Ellie snuggled up on the couch, sniffing her blanket. It is a hand-tied blanket and she used to suck on the ties. Now she rubs it up against her face. Grant was on the floor crawling around (out of frame). Our dog Cricket has her eyes trained on him though. She knows she is not safe. He will climb and drool all over her.

Another play date with Sophia. No rain this week, but it was horribly cold and windy. The kids were cuddled on the couch watching Veggie Tales. Grant likes to participate as well.

This is Ally the Alligator. She is Grant's stuffed animal (He even marked his territory by chewing on her tail. It is now crunchy.) but Ellie is in love with her. She was very hungry. First she sat in the booster seat at the table. Then she moved to the high chair. Next thing I know, I'm changing Grant's diaper and Ellie is talking about BOOBIES. (Bonus points for teaching her that word!) I glance over at her and she is breastfeeding an alligator in the rocking chair. I ran to get the camera with a naked baby on my hip and when I got back she said that Ally was all done. HILARIOUS.

Also, I've been trying to paint the guest bathroom before company arrives next week for the holidays. We have this horrible faux-wallpaper in the bathrooms and kitchen. I had some touch-ups to get done with the primer before I roll on the paint. Ellie decided she wanted to keep me company and get high from the paint fumes. She perched on top of the toilet tank, why I have no idea...she's never done that before. I tried to get a photo of her and she tried to get one of me too with her "cell phone." :o)

life rearranged

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  1. Stopping by from InstaFriday! Love your blog...cute kids! Love the Alligator nursing daughter went through that phase, too!