Marlo's Birth Story, part 1

LABOR, 40w2d

Well, my friend Sarah was right...a good walk around the Christmas tree farm would send me into labor. We took the kids and met my parents at a local farm and picked out a plump tree. I went inside to pay the nice man that looked a lot like Santa and he assured me that I'd have the baby by Christmas! Ha.

We got home, Aaron set the tree up, I let the kids enjoy a Christmas cookie with "coco" milk (like Grant calls it) before dinner, and then did some things around the house.

Kids finished their snack and had some leftover pizza for dinner, I didn't feel like eating or cooking, and we watched a show together before bedtime.

I had had some strong cramps Friday night into Saturday but not any contractions, so when the first one hit me out of the blue around 7:30 or so, it hurt so bad that I cried. Ellie was very worried about me and empathetic. Aaron put Grant to bed and I prepared to put Ellie to bed, but we never got there. I decided to let her stay up while I prepared for the baby. I called my mom and wanted to get a shower, but contractions were coming every 5-6 minutes and lasting around 30 seconds and I didn't want to be alone in the shower.

My friend Melanie convinced me to call in my labor, so I called the Doctor to let her know I was in labor and heading to the hospital soon. Mom came over and Aaron finally emerged from Grant's room. I didn't want to bother him because Grant had been sleeping terribly, so I didn't want to interrupt. Aaron wandered the house looking to pack last minute things. Had he consulted with me he would've known that I had already packed the camera, etc. I went to the bathroom and braided my hair between contractions and then put on my makeup. (I remember feeling upset with myself because I hadn't showered, shaved or washed my hair.) I tried to get ahold of the photographer I'd hired to capture our birth story. (I never was able to get ahold of her.)

Finally, everything was packed an we were ready to go. We gave our final kisses to Ellie and said our goodbyes. We left our house at 10:08 pm. My sister was on shift at the hospital and gave us directions since it had been two years since we'd been there and they had remodeled.

Several times Aaron questioned if we would make it but I told him to keep going. Contractions were less than 3 minutes apart and lasting pretty close to a minute long. Aaron set the cruise control at 60 and luckily there wasn't traffic due to the hour at night. It took us 50 minutes exactly to get there. My sister Ashley met me at the entrance with a wheelchair and Aaron parked in the garage. Aaron met us shortly thereafter and the three of us headed up to labor & delivery.

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