Though we are young and healthy, I found out three-short-months after getting married that I have a condition called Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, which inhibits ovulation and causes the body to resist insulin. I am currently working with doctors and other health care physicians to control and manage my PCOS. It has taken one year, but my insulin numbers have finally come down with the aid of medication. I am working together with doctors so that one day, Aaron and I will be able to have a biological baby.

I have always admired the many humanitarians in this world for their decision to adopt; I have just now come to understand it. We have been asked to adopt a baby. This has not been easy, the question was posed on the first day of the new year and we've discussed it every day since. There has not been a decision either way, yet.

This is an extremely busy time for us. Aaron is heading into tax season as well as taking his CPA exams. I head back to school tomorrow and the semester ends in May. I would have to take a break from school and then return at a later date to finish methods and student teaching.

If anyone stumbles across my little corner of the blogosphere, please take a moment and think of our family. We could use some good thoughts and prayers. I'll share more, when I am able to. Thanks.

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