The Story of Us

01. Girl meets Guy on a football field during marching band practice. She's young, still in middle school, he's a sophomore on the snare line. She's preoccupied with other boys, he's in a serious relationship. Two years pass and his girlfriend left for the summer to tour with a drum and bugle line. Girl and Guy spend every waking moment together - on the phone, hanging out, instant messaging or at church.

At the end of the summer, Girl takes Guy to see his girlfriend at a local tour stop. Guy reconnects with girlfriend ... Girl is hurt, but doesn't let it show. They all go back to school in the fall. He graduates and eventually comes back as an instructor when Girl is a senior. Guy breaks up with girlfriend, Girl breaks up with boyfriend. And one night after a football game, they shared a magical kiss in the parking lot.

That Guy would be Aaron, my husband and that Girl would be me, Lindsay. We met nine years ago in marching band. Now, we both are instructors for that marching band. We graduated from the same high school and we'll graduate from the same university. He graduated last year in August as Summa Cum Laude of his Accounting class. Nine days later, he started his job with the accounting firm he interned for. I go to school full-time, majoring in Early Childhood Education and will graduate in December 2010.

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