Family Get-Togethers

I just don't understand why two families can't combine together to make one big happy family. Isn't that the whole point of marriage - to combine two families. Ever since we got married, it's been pulling us apart. You have to choose - my family for Thanksgiving and yours for Christmas or vice versa.

Why does it have to be that way? This Sunday is Easter and I'm hosting dinner. My house. My rules. I ventured out to invite both sides of the family. Why not? There's a 13-pound turkey, big enough to share.

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  1. That's horrible that they can't just get along, hopefully the day will come. For Steve and I, it's different, my grandparents are still alive and well, so my side always has huge get togethers and his is usually just his immediate family. Somehow, we squeeze them both in. I'm sure when we take the next steps in our lives it will be a lot of re-working.

    Take time for yourself and get your brows done!!! It's amazing. I think I just need a day at the spa. I've never done that before.