Sleep, It Escapes Me

Last night I didn't go to bed until 1 am. Sleep didn't come till after 2 and I was up before 7 am today. It's going to be a long day.

We lost power overnight, and the fridge is unplugged and empty. Our foodstuffs are in coolers keeping each other warm and toasty. Everything will need to be pitched. It makes my wallet ache. On a good note, the fridge repairman should be here today somewhere between morning and night.

Does anyone know why fridge is spelled with a D, but refrigerator lacks that letter?

:: Repairman got here and was a major tool. Charged us 218.33 for a new service board and the darn fridge is still not cold. Ugh!!

:: Repairman was back yesterday because the fridge was still warm. Total for two days was 271 USD. I really hope dinner tomorrow night is worth all this fuss.

:: Also, went to bed at 1 am. Another sleepless night. I have coon eyes right now, forgot to remove my makeup, and bedhed from tossing and turning. I suppose I should go shower, I'm resuming Saturday morning piano lessons at 9 am today. *Yawn.

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  1. do you guys have a house in delta? are you moving?