Two Dogs are in the Dog House

Aaron left just after 7 this morning and I stayed in bed for some shut eye, but then I got out of bed just before 8. I walked out to the kitchen and it looked like wild cats had attacked the trash as if it had been sitting out to the curb. The cats had nothing to do with it though. Two guilty dogs are whimpering in the bedroom.

Plastic bags, paper towels, containers, etc., but the worst of it is last night's bag of marinade - soy sauce and olive oil have painted a not-so-pretty picture on my baby pink kitchen rug. Previously, the dogs have decorated with Spaghetti Sauce. The rug has seen better days and I don't expect it to make a full recovery this time.

How could so much happen in such a short amount of time AND in between the constant barking at random things outside - a leaf, moving blade of grass, parked car, fence post, etc.

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