Mighty Life List

Inspired by the Mighty Girl herself. Here are my 100 Things To Do Before I Go.

:: in no particular order ::
  1. get married (08.11.07)
  2. watch husband graduate (08.09.08)
  3. encourage husband to complete his CPA exam within 1 year (completed 06.09)
  4. graduate from BGSU (12.15.10)
  5. become a mother (04.21.09) & have a baby (03.01.11)
  6. have a completely natural labor and child birth
  7. hold someone's hand as they give birth (04.21.09)
  8. finalize ellie's adoption (09.20.10)
  9. learn to sew
  10. make a quilt out of Aaron's dress shirts
  11. write a children's book
  12. buy our 1st house together - make it a home (07.30.13)
  13. be completely debt free (including student loans and mortgage)
  14. buy a family vehicle (07.22.10)
  15. buy a lakehouse
  16. go deep sea fishing (08.16.07)
  17. parasail (08.14.07)
  18. christen a boat
  19. sail the Great American Loop
  20. become conversational in French
  21. become conversational in Spanish
  22. learn to ski &/or snowboard
  23. learn to surf
  24. take my babies to the beach
  25. go on a cruise with Aaron
  26. swim in the ocean
  27. camp on the beach under the stars and see the sun rise
  28. go horseback riding on the beach and in the surf
  29. road trip across the U.S.
  30. set foot in all 50 states (OH, MI, IN, IL, MO, PA, NY, CA, FL & Washington D.C.)
  31. see a show on Broadway again
  32. visit Niagara Falls
  33. see the Grand Canyon
  34. visit D.C. when the cherry blossoms are in bloom
  35. get a passport
  36. live in another country for a year
  37. eat a croissant in France
  38. look out over Paris from the Eiffel Tower
  39. open a Swiss bank account
  40. zip line through a jungle canopy
  41. stay at the Rockhouse in Jamaica
  42. stay in an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora
  43. float in the Dead Sea
  44. ballroom dance
  45. learn to clog
  46. plant a peony garden
  47. have a farm - chickens, horses, barn cats, etc.
  48. hot air balloon ride
  49. attend the Albuquerque balloon fiesta
  50. ring a church bell
  51. wear a big hat to the Kentucky Derby
  52. have a big wedding anniversary party
  53. donate hair to Locks of Love (08.18.08 and 04.22.11)
  54. read the 10 Penguin Classics
  55. own a pair of designer shoes
  56. train and run a 5k
  57. do 10 push-ups
  58. buy fresh flowers, once a week for a year
  59. host a party to benefit charity
  60. build a house with Habitat for Humanity
  61. learn to shoot a gun at a range
  62. swing on a trapeze
  63. can jams and jellies with my Nini (Nini passed away November 24, 2011)
  64. cultivate good manners in my kids
  65. teach my kids to be confident and kind
  66. find my perfect shade of foundation (11.27.10)
  67. find my signature scent (citron de vigne)
  68. find the perfect shade of lipstick
  69. find the perfect pair of jeans
  70. start (and finish) a 365-photo project
  71. saber open a bottle of champagne
  72. visit Sundance
  73. take photography classes
  74. use my DSLR camera on manual
  75. solve a Rubiks cube
  76. make pasta from scratch
  77. throw a monthly dinner party
  78. host a holiday dinner just for friends
  79. gather around the piano and sing carols at christmas
  80. start a tradition
  81. write a song
  82. take the family to Disney World
  83. only wear lovely undergarments
  84. ruthlessly edit my closet down to only my favorite things
  85. be cast in another musical
  86. have a garden gnome
:: to be continued ::


  1. Oh baby PJ quilt is a cute idea! Maybe I should pull stuff to do that before I give stuff away. Would you make the quilt for yourself or for your child?

  2. @madelynmarie Either way, it's a precious keepsake. I'm also saving Aaron's dress shirts that he's worn out.

  3. i would love fresh flowers every week!

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