DIY Super Cape

Materials needed:
--Women's Jersey Knit Shirt
--Pair of Fabric Shears

I had a shirt that was destined for Goodwill. I bought it in Wally World's Junior/Misses department. First mistake. Second mistake, it was stripped and I was/still am post-partum squishy.

Fast forward to today, Ellie was running around the house pretending to be Super Why...she thinks that's what you call it when you run around with a cape on. I'm not going to correct her. It's cute. She wanted her blanket re-tied around her neck every two seconds. After the 31478 time, I told her to hold her horses while I made her something.

I ran to my bedroom and sorted through my Goodwill pile. I grabbed a v-neck tee shirt and my sewing scissors and in less than 5 minutes, I had a toddler approved super cape (though she doesn't look too thrilled to be modeling).

All I did was cut up the shirt along the side seams. With the shirt right-side up, I started cutting. I left the seam in tact to give the edges a little more structure. I followed all the way up to the sleeves and then cut them off, following the curve from back to front at the top of the shoulder. I repeated the process on the other side seam up to the shoulder as well.

From the top of one shoulder, I followed along the v-neck and up to the opposite shoulder.

When I slipped it on over Ellie's head, I cut the v-neck in half to create two tie strings. Tie a bow or a double knot if there is enough room to slip it on and off. Voila! A super cape!

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