17 Weeks

Baby is the size of an onion!

Week :: 17
Size of baby :: 5.1 inches
Weight Gain/Loss :: 0.5 lbs.
Maternity Clothes :: All dress clothes
Sex :: Unknown
Movement :: None - woke up three times last night with these 'waves' in my belly. Still have felt it throughout the day. Not sure if it is Minnie or not.
Sleep :: Waking once a night or twice a night
Symptoms :: Very sensitive to smells (one of my students wears cheap perfumed hand lotion - yuck) and my right foot/toes are asleep.
Food Aversions :: I'll eat about half of my lunch nowadays and then there isn't anymore room left. I am still having a hard time taking the prenatal vitamin.
Food Cravings :: Watermelon Licorice
Best Moment of this Week :: Finalizing Ellie's adoption
Looking Forward To :: Ultrasound on October 22

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