Second Grade - Student Teaching

Teaching feels natural to me, just like I always knew it would. I'm lucky to have had such a great experience that is close to home - both location and in my heart. I graduated from the district that I'm teaching in and feel such a connection to that community. The faculty and staff are great and I'm really enjoying my experience. I love my bunch of second graders! I'm so fortunate to have such a great group of kids.

As much as I do love it and feel like I am succeeding, I also feel like I am drowning. I feel that if I were a 'typical' college student, student teaching would be a breeze, but I am not. I am a wife and a mother. I come home, exhausted from the day. I feel like a horrible mom at times, because I have spent all my energy caring for 22 other children all day. I come home completely drained - no will to cook or clean. I do realize that "this too shall pass," but it is hard to see the end at times.

I know that I will be successful. I know that I will graduate. I know that I get to spend the Spring with Ellie before the baby arrives, but it is hard to recognize those things when your clothes don't fit right, you can cry at the drop of a hat, there's not a single clean dish left, and no clean underwear left.

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