Busy Bee

I've been doing my student teaching internship at a local elementary school. I love second grade, but it consumes every waking moment of every day. I'll keep posting my pregnancy highlights on Fridays, but its going to be rather sparse until things calm down around here.

I had my first observation yesterday. My lesson was on friendly letters and it went wonderfully. My university mentor only had great things to say. In many ways, I'm sad that I'll be done teaching in December, but in other ways I am thankful to have the spring to myself and my family.

Looking forward to Monday as we will be finalizing Ellie's adoption. It has definitely been a long year and we are so thrilled to finally become a forever family. I'm trying to plan something special. I'm thinking we'll have a small luncheon on Monday and then a big celebration on the weekend. She's such a special girl and deserves to celebrate this special time in her life!

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  1. Congrats on completing your first observation! I still remember my first ones (summer school & first year teaching) so clearly as well as the advice and comfort that came after they were done!

    I hope the adoption finalization went well!