23 Weeks

Week :: 23
Size of baby :: 10.5-11.8 inches, from head to toe. (Baby is about 1 pound according to the sonogram!)
Weight Gain/Loss :: -5.0 lbs. total
Maternity Clothes :: All dress clothes
Sex :: KNOWN
Movement :: Baby moves around a lot in the evenings - from the time I get home from work till I'm laying down to go to sleep. It makes it difficult to sleep sometimes.
Sleep :: Waking about two to three times a night. I'm very uncomfortable at night and need to get up often to use the restroom.
Symptoms :: I've had a lot of lower back pain (sciatic nerve) and leg cramps.
Food Aversions :: I still don't have an appetite and nothing sounds good or delicious.
Food Cravings :: French fries and pomegranates.
Best Moment of this Week :: On Thursday, Baby didn't move a lot and I started to get worried. I called my best friend and she said to call the doctor. Baby must've known we were talking about him/her because Baby let out a giant kick to let me know everything was okay in there.
Looking Forward To :: Ellie's slumber party on Saturday - Aaron and I are going out to try a new restaurant and register for our baby shower and then to a movie. Due Date looks hilarious!

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