• Aaron and I went out to dinner at Granite City Brewery on Saturday night. Good food, but I was full from the appetizer. Ate a few bites of my burger, but it was a little too pink for my "pregnant palate."
  • We started our baby registry after dinner. It made it more real for the both of us. It felt good to finally get something accomplished.
  • Sunday was a "catch-up" day. I planned and graded papers for school while Aaron worked in the nursery. The flooring is almost finished! It looks very nice in there.
  • Monday was a half-day at school. Aaron was out of town for training so I went to the OB alone. Lost another 1.5 pounds, down a total of 4.0 pounds. Doctor also informed me that I have a low-lying placenta. I'll have another ultrasound in 5 weeks to check its placement.

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