35 Week Ultrasound

At my last ultrasound, the tech said baby girl was head down and about 6 pounds and 13 ounces. Here I am at 39w3d, still pregnant. This turkey is still cooking and I'm getting rather nervous as to how big she'll be. My son was born at 39w4d and was 10 pounds 3 ounces, so I have every right to be concerned that "little" babe just might not fit!

Yesterday, Aaron and I cooked thanksgiving dinner for our family, my mom and dad, sister, aunt and uncle. It was very yummy but still a sad day. It has been one year since my grandmother passed away. I miss her dearly.

My doctor was on call yesterday and asked me to schedule an induction. I didn't go through with it because of the date, though I had my membranes stripped and we've tried several at-home natural induction remedies (will write more on this later). I didn't feel that I had support to choose yesterday as my baby's birthday given the significance of the date. Now that a new day has dawned, I'm feeling rather depressed that I missed the opportunity to have my baby girl in my arms already. I have an appointment tomorrow and don't know what is in store. I don't want to be induced under the care of another doctor and mine won't deliver again until December 3.

We'll have to wait and see - and I'm not feeling rather patient.

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