39 weeks 4 days

At this time in my last pregnancy, I had my son in my arms after 12 hours of hospital labor and 3 hours of pushing. This time around we are dealing with a very stubborn little girl. She is so content to stay where she is currently residing - so let this serve as a public eviction notice.

The longer this butterball cooks, the bigger she is getting. I went in today and had my membranes stripped for a second time today. From there, I had a non-stress test because of decreased movement and an ultrasound to check for fluid levels and baby's size. The tech estimated that my "little" girl is about 9 pounds 9 ounces. Smaller than her brother that I birthed nearly 21 months ago all natural, but I feel that she is no where as long as her brother (who was still lodged in my rib cage even though he'd dropped and engaged for labor) so she's going to be a chunky monkey.

This time I'm prepared and packed the 3 month clothing. I had to send my mom out for an outfit for Grant because his long-sleeved newborn outfit was more like short sleeves and capri pants.

I'm so ready to be done. The house is clean, I shaved my legs, have my nails painted, bags packed, carseats installed, baby's room ready ... The only part of this equation that is missing is the baby.

Like I said, I've had my membranes stripped twice, we've tried _ _ _, I've gone for walks, drank red raspberry leaf tea, eaten spicy food and pineapples, clary sage oil and nothing has worked so far. I was having regular contractions but seemed to have stalled out. So unless things pick up we'll definitely have a little girl next Monday.

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