December Daily | Crafts & Activities

We're going to try for one wintery, Christmas (Pinterest Preschool) craft/activity a day the whole month of December. We're a bit late, but we're late for most things these days.

Here's what we have planned for the rest of this week and next, if you'd like to follow along. (Testing 1, 2, 3. Is anybody still reading this little blog of mine?) I'll try to update with photos of my own kids and blog the next two weeks, soon.

Edited to add: We did not get to do a craft each day. It was a good idea, but overwhelming in the busyness of the holiday season, as well as Aaron's knee surgery and recuperation this year. Here's a highlight of what we did accomplish!

Marshmallow Snowmen

messy hair, don't care + extra dining table and random books on the floor. bonus points.

Handprint Ornaments

c for cady my little babysitting charge.
my version of the ornament...stamp fingers into clay, bake way longer than the directions say too, hand paint, and deliver to grateful parents/grandparents/childhood ornament boxes

my nativity was a gift from my mother upon my college graduation in december three years ago, but this year my cousin sent the kids their own nativity and ellie played with it everyday throughout the christmas season. i was so happy to see her make the connection from the stories she'd heard at school and church to her own play at home. precious.

Decorate a Gingerbread Village

2011 Baby Ellie and her friend Sophia's original village.

2013 ellie made a gingerbread village with her gigi & poppy this year. grant feasted on stale candy for weeks.

Lights Before Christmas at the Zoo
We tried to go to the Lights Before Christmas (after Christmas ;)) but the car line was over a mile long to get into the Zoo. We waited until the "LOT FULL" sign came into view and then ditched plans and went out to dinner. I was disappointed because we've done it every year as a family and this year, Aaron had knee surgery and when I tried to go with my parents, it was jam packed. Maybe next year?

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