Potty Training, part deux

Last night, I sat down on the couch next to Aaron (who is recovering from ACL-knee surgery) with a notebook and started jotting down goals for the New Year. I wrote out some personal, family, and household goals for 2014. One of my family goals was to potty train Grant. He'll be three in the beginning of March and will most likely attend preschool in the Fall. 

I changed him out of his pajamas and diaper around 10 am and into a shirt, socks, and underpants. We made it through the morning and outside play (in the snow and 13 degree weather) without an accident. This afternoon was another story. He went through a total of 8 pairs of underwear, 7 accidents, refused dinner, and by the evening hours was refusing to visit the potty. It was hard on both of us. I had to track him down every 20-25 minutes and endure the crying, sobs, snot, and punches while he clawed his way off the toilet. He went to bed early and once he calmed down I assured him that I was proud of his efforts and asked if he'd try harder tomorrow. We read a story, said our prayers together, and he fell asleep nestled into his warm flannel bedding. We'll try again tomorrow. 

potty training shennanigans...ellie was a big helper and encourager and everyone loves to ride on marlo kitty's scooter.

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