Dear Baby

Last night you gave me quite the scare. I was getting ready for Daddy to come home from work - the dogs needed to go outside to potty, they needed dinner, I needed to do dishes and prepare our own dinner. All the while, your big sister Ellie was at the end of her rope because it was late and she was tired and hungry.

I picked Ellie up to take change her diaper and I got these horrible "stitches" all over my belly. I was very uncomfortable, but still able to move around and wrestle Ellie's diaper. These stitches lasted for a few minutes and then released at the same time I got a "woosh" of pain deep, down where the sun doesn't shine. The same feeling had happened the night before (Monday) when Daddy and I were watching movies. I was folding clothes on the bed and suddenly bent over in pain so bad it took my breath away and gave me tears in my eyes.

Yet, I continued to go about getting ready for Daddy to come home from work. I bundled up and harnessed the dogs to go outside. It is cold and slippery out. We got rain this morning that melted some snow away, but left behind mushy snow that froze overnight. The dogs did their business and came inside to eat dinner.

Ellie and I were unloading the dishwasher when the second set of stitches came along. I decided to call the doctor. She advised to drink some OJ and rest for 30 minutes while counting your movements. If my contractions became regular (10-minutes apart and I couldn't talk through them) I was to come to the hospital to get checked out.

Daddy brought home orange juice and we had pancakes with bacon for dinner. I sat down to count your movements and counted at least 5 movements within two minutes! Things finally calmed down a bit and we all headed to bed. Daddy gave me a back massage and then I took a warm shower. I did not sleep much, but at least you're still safe and warm within my womb.

I'm so excited to meet you, but you're still a little early. Try to sit tight. I know that's difficult when you've most likely got my impulsiveness and desire to arrive fashionably early.

Love, Mama
33 weeks & 5 days

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